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Validated by six well-received ABS securitizations and by our CDFI certification from the U.S. Department of the Treasury

Driving Financial Inclusion

Tricolor Financial Education

Financial Education To Secure A Better Future

Through data analytics and technology, we’ve accelerated financial inclusion to a highly under served market, offering affordable credit-building auto loans to those with limited or no credit history. Ultimately, we help people improve their lives and secure a better future.

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The key building blocks to our approach

Tricolor Affordable Financing

Provide affordable financing to low-income borrowers through lower interest rates and lower gross margins, increasing the probability of their success in repayment.

Tricolor Credit

Help borrowers to establish bureau credit by reporting to major bureaus, through partnerships with Experian and Equifax, regardless of status, to ultimately mainstream credit invisible borrowers.

Tricolor Leverage Technology

Leverage technology and deep learning to develop a proprietary model in order to segment borrowers with little or no credit history, driving more favorable and attractive lending terms.

Tricolor Financing

Support customers with financial literacy programs with customized content, to empower them to access mainstream financing and ultimately build a better future.

Our Latest Approach

Responsible Lending In Subprime Automotive Finance

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