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The mission of the Tricolor Foundation is to holistically support the Hispanic community and accelerate their pursuit of a better quality of a life in America.


Hispanics comprise over 19% of the US population and will become a plurality of America’s population by midcentury. It is, therefore, critically important to address systemic inequalities that have significantly disadvantaged Latinos both economically and educationally.

The vision of the Tricolor Foundation is to create a brighter future for Hispanic individuals and families by dismantling systemic barriers and harnessing available opportunities, enabling them to realize their full potential and contribute to the prosperity of our nation.

US Hispanic Population

Numbers that speak for themselves

$3.2 Trillion

Economic output of Hispanics in the U.S. in 2021.
Latino Donor Collaborative, “LDC US Latino GDP Report”, 2023.


Percentage of Hispanic students enrolled in degree-granting institutions who considered leaving college in 2022.
Gallup and Lumina Foundation, “The State of Higher Education”, 2023.


In 2020, more than 1 in 5 Hispanic families with children faced hunger.
No Kid Hungry, 2022.

5th largest economy in the world

If Hispanics in the US were their own country, they would be the fifth largest economy in the world.

Latino Donor Collaborative, “LDC US Latino GDP Report”, 2023.


The average wealth of a Hispanic household in the US is 81% lower than for a non-Hispanic US household.
2019 Survey of Consumer Finances and Brookings, Understanding Latino Wealth To Address Disparities and Design Better Policies, 2023.


White families have a median wealth of $188,200, while Hispanic families have a median wealth of $36,100. The average White family has five times the wealth of the average Hispanic family.
2019 Survey of Consumer Finances and Brookings, Understanding Latino Wealth To Address Disparities and Design Better Policies, 2023.

Our Pillars

Higher Education

Hispanics comprise 21% of enrolled students at degree-granting institutions in the US and have witnessed a remarkable 384% increase in postsecondary programs between 1990 and 2019.

However, a staggering 79% of Hispanic adults in the US lack a bachelor's degree, with their educational attainment levels trailing far behind those of other ethnic or racial groups. It is crucial to create pathways for the millions of Hispanics facing obstacles to higher education and provide support for those already on their education journey.

The Tricolor Foundation supports institutions that help eliminate impediments facing Hispanic students, stemming from factors such as their parents' immigrant status and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as their limited knowledge of the U.S. education system. Additionally, scholarships will be awarded to Hispanic students at community colleges, which have been designated as Hispanic-Serving Institutions by the US Department of Education.

Higher education Higher education
Life Skills

Life Skills

Hispanics accounted for more than 50% of the US population growth between 2010 and 2020. However, many are newcomers to the country or struggle to access the resources and services necessary to support their families.

Addressing poverty is one of the most pressing issues facing Hispanics in the US, as they are twice as likely as non-Hispanic Whites to live at or below the poverty level. Food hardship is also twice as common among Hispanics as non-Hispanic Whites.

While formal education opens doors to changing one’s life trajectory, life skills are essential for individuals to meet the daily demands of society, manage their responsibilities and relationships effectively, and set and achieve goals. In many respects, life skills not only complement education, but also serve as a vital foundation for building awareness and understanding of practical steps towards a higher quality of life.

The Tricolor Foundation collaborates with organizations in local communities addressing core issues, including food insecurity and life skills programs, to ensure Hispanics can maximize their potential and seize opportunities.

Life Skills

Financial Literacy

Despite the magnitude of their contribution to the US economy, Hispanics face numerous barriers to economic opportunity, including systemic and historic discrimination, generations of inequity and wealth gaps, and limited access to financial literacy resources.

Financial literacy provides Hispanics with the knowledge to address the wealth gap and build a better future. According to a 2023 study by the Financial Health Network, the financially vulnerable households in America spend an estimated 14% of their income on interest and fees alone, compared with just 1% for financially healthy households. Furthermore, Hispanic households spend 67% more on interest and fees than non- Hispanic White households.

Financial literacy is a key tool in bridging the wealth gap among Hispanics in the US, empowering them to break down economic barriers and lead a higher quality of life. The Tricolor Foundation supports institutions that assist Hispanics in accessing the mainstream financial system in the US and maximizing their financial potential.

Financial Literacy Financial Literacy

Tricolor Foundation Visionaries

The Tricolor Foundation Visionaries serve as shining examples of the achievements and potential of the Hispanic community. These individuals are a testament to the profound impact education can have on a person, their family, and their community. We invite you to watch the videos below to hear the stories of each of these remarkable individuals. Their journeys underscore the importance of supporting Hispanic students in their pursuit of education and emphasize why it is imperative that we break down the barriers that have held back students for far too long.